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Microsoft has been a proud sponsor of Playcrafting since 2012. From mentorship to event space and workshops, Microsoft has been an active member of the game design and technology education space. Learn more at www.MicrosoftNewYork.comwww.MicrosoftNewEngland.com.

Pollen VC enables game and app developers to fund user acquisition campaigns on major ad networks, like Facebook, using revenue they’ve generated but haven’t yet received from Apple or Google. Whether you are preparing for launch, want to scale your UA spend, or need access to UA advice and expertise, Pollen can help.

Tapjoy’s mission is to personalize the approach freemium mobile app publishers utilize to engage and monetize their consumers. The company’s personalized monetization platform is the only mobile LTV Infrastructure that combines a robust set of marketing and advertising services in a single data platform. Tapjoy’s SDK is used by 10,000 mobile apps with a global reach of more than 500 million monthly active users. For more information, please visit www.tapjoy.com.

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